The big news is in and it's a yes! 

    Poole Park Life has been successfully awarded a Delivery Phase grant of £2.7m from the Heritage Lottery Fund! 

    The next four years will see this huge investment made in the park and help to improve and safeguard it for future generations.
    A massive thank you to everyone who has been involved, volunteered, completed a questionnaire, looked at the plans or contributed in any way - all of your help and time has helped to win the bid! 

    The bid went in at the end of February 2017,  We have handed over our contribution of £20,777.  

    Apart from the council we are the main contributor to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

    Thank you and here's hoping for a successful outcome!

    Heritage Lottery bid  fundraising update:  Funds raised  total £21,000 which could be worth over £200,000 if the bid is successful! This includes £10,000 from our existing funds.Thank you to everyone who donated via collecting boxes, rented a stall, bought a cake, a raffle or tombola ticket, had a go on our hoopla, lucky dip or hook a duck stalls.  Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time to make our events possible.

    Update:  Road closure through Poole Park will not be going ahead.

    Road Closure Trial during July - 4- 6pm

    Do you agree or disagree?

    Please follow this link to fill out a questionnaire

    Information on the development stage: 

    HLF Dev't Phase explained.pdf

    The HLF have made their decision....

    It's a Yes!

    Our Round One success was announced on the 6th January, and we are all, of course, delighted! This means we have funding to develop our ideas and the project further over the next two years before we hopefully receive the full funding of £2.7m in 2017.

    So, what happens next? 
    We start a 2-year long development phase, where we:
    • write management and conservation plans
    • undertake 12 months of research on the boating lake 
    • design and detail the various areas for improvement
    • consult with residents and park users on all the detail
    • begin our activity plan which seeks to engage more local people with Poole Park
    • raise funds to meet our match-funding targets  
    Only after this (from 2017 onwards) would we get to the spending of the £2.7m capital funding.

    We are grateful for whatever you have already contributed to the project and look forward to your continued support in the future. There will be lots of opportunities for the public to be involved, lots of hard work, fund raising, events and more!
    Martin Whitchurch - Project Manager

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    Heritage Lottery Bid 2014 - 2016

    From 2014 to 2016 the Friends of Poole Park and the Borough of Poole will be making a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for £2.5m to help deliver improvements that have been identified through talking to local people. There are five themes: 

    1. The Lake and park drainage is to be improved to enhance the visitor experience. 

    2. Renovate and restore heritage landscapes. 
    Informed by public engagement to understand what heritage is important to the people of Poole and how we preserve it. 

    3. The Geese and wildfowl theme will involve volunteers and experts undertaking studies on the geese population in the park. We need to make management decisions based on evidence. 

    4. Traffic movements is a theme that will discuss ways of better managing traffic to improve the visitor experience. 

    5. Play will engage with people for ideas to renovate the play areas and introduce play landscapes.Our hope is that as a result the park will be better managed and in better condition but we need your help to do it.

    The Friends of Poole Park would like to encourage people to become involved in the project and share our journey.
    You could come along to a guided walk, volunteer to count birds, monitor visitor numbers, share an opinion, create a gardening club or many other things.

    For up-to-date information on the progress of the bid go to Poole Park Life

    So what would a successful bid
    for Heritage Lottery funding mean for Poole Park?

    Lots of improvements!

    Having listened to what the people of Poole would like to see happen, here is a summary of some of the key enhancements and changes proposed:


    •   Improve the water quality of the boating lake – for people and wildlife, and to control geese numbers
    •   Replace the bridge over the sluice gate – currently a temporary repair
    •   Repair and improve the look of the lake edges
    •   Improve access to lake edges and views with changes to car parking and Norton’s Gate area
    •   Improve the existing play areas and introduce a ‘play landscape’ for all ages and abilities
    •   Plant more trees like the Corsican Pines for climbing on
    •   Improve the rose garden and implement a new tree planting scheme
    •   Replace/upgrade the adult outdoor fitness equipment - been very popular and heavily used
    •   Restore some of the original Victorian features – gate pillars, plaques
    •   Better access to the War Memorial and the Mountbatten memorial, including for disabled access
    •  Improve land drainage to the freshwater lakes, around the cricket pitch and in Copse Close
    •  Make the entrances and roads in the park usable by all park visitors equally
    •  Improve park signage and interpretation and replace lamp standards with Victorian style ones

    The Heritage Lottery Fund will make their
    decision on the Round 1 bid on 17th December ~ It's a Yes!

    More information: